LONGEVITY ... It's not about adding years to life but life to years

Elinné, to the advance of the last technologies, has obtained, fruit of an exhaustive dedication in the investigation and development, his last line anti-aging. By selecting the most suitable active ingredients for this purpose, maximum effectiveness and quality is achieved.

The RENÀIXER anti-aging treatment combines several modalities in 5 steps:

Cellular renewal: Selective exfoliation on mature superficial and germinative corneocytes.
Dermal regeneration and inhibition of the appearance of new wrinkles: Using a patented TIMP-PEPTIDE®Regen molecule (hexapeptide matrix metalloprotease inhibitor).
Dermal hydration + antioxidants: Facial veil impregnated with hyaluronic acid + Quercus Robur (powerful antioxidant derivative from Mediterranean Oak).
Activation of the “LONGEVITY PROTEIN” + Botox Effect: Applying the patented RESVERATROX® extract from the skin of grapes, specially grown and selected for this purpose, from a region of Bordeaux (France). It contains Resveratrol that causes the activation of sirtuins to prolong and repair cell life * (prolongs the life of collagen, in addition to producing better quality collagens). It is accompanied by an inhibition of muscle contraction (Botox-like activity).
Flash-Focus effect: Instant reduction of deep wrinkles.

Clinical results **:

> 71% fewer wrinkles
> 77% decrease in surface area of ​​deep wrinkles
Overall rating***:

100% immediate blurring of deep wrinkles.
More nourished and hydrated skin.
85% considerable reduction in wrinkles (after 5 weeks with treatment + Renàixer anti-aging cream)
Improvement of skin tone.
Silky skin (shine control). Sebaceous rebalancing