About us

elinné was born as a result of the experience of a prepared professional team, experts in the development of cosmetic formulations for spas and made with their own hot springs, with great experience in high cosmetic products, experience in natural cosmetic BIO certified, and experts in the research and development of natural health products linked to sensitive skin and / or with skin diseases, destined for the pharmaceutical industry.

Phytocosmics can be banal or have a scientific efficacy. In this last type of phytocosm, the firm elinné has been created, in which the maximum scientific and cosmetic advances of the plant world are used and that give the best results for skin care, always respecting a natural tendency. Proof of this is that elinn tests all of his results clinically. However, the effectiveness of elinné and its lines is revealed successfully in the cabin, in most cases, after a single session, thus manifesting the clear effectiveness of all its components, in perfect balance.

Creativity, differentiation, effectiveness, delicacy, exoticism, nature, ideal textures and subtle and delicate aromas, give elinné a unique category within phytocosmics. The elinné plant world where their precious identities or specific sub-lines coexist.

We invite you to immerse yourself and enter the elinné world, where in addition to finding the efficiency you are looking for, you get a pleasure for the senses .

elinné is free of preservatives to additives in its cosmetics, nor does it contain paraffins or petroleum jelly, always trying to maintain a cosmetic, which we have called GREEN.

If you are a DISTRIBUTOR and want to be part of our project, we invite you to contact us in order to establish collaboration links.